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Billiard PowerPoint Template

Billiard PowerPoint Template



Free Billiard PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint template that you can download for presentations. The free billiard PPT template contains original slide designs with billiard balls ready to be used in your presentations. You can download Billiard PowerPoint Template to be used as a concept slide or as a metaphor for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint where you need to display billiard balls for example the popular black 8 ball.

15 Billiard Colorful Balls in a PowerPoint Presentation Template

You can use this free billiard ball PowerPoint template for presentations on sports but also for chance and defining business goals in mind. For example, you can define different organizational targets and goals and use the balls to represent each of these objectives.

15 Black Billiard Balls in a PowerPoint Template

You can also use the black balls in your presentations or use the custom three column layout that is useful as a free PowerPoint comparison template. For example, you can represent with a legend what is the meaning of each color ball and the describe the features for different plans and goals in this layout.

Three Columns for PowerPoint with Billiard Balls

You easily edit the billiard ball shape for PowerPoint and change the ball numbers as well, or if this free game PowerPoint template with billiard balls is not useful for your presentation you can download other free PowerPoint themes and backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.


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