AIDA PowerPoint Template

AIDA PowerPoint Template



Free AIDA PowerPoint Template. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desired, Action. You can download this free PowerPoint template with AIDA diagrams to make presentations using the AIDA analysis approach.


The acronym AIDA is a very handy tool for ensuring that your message grabs the attention of a target audience. The tool is based on four steps so you can take your audience through a process to buy your products or get the message you want to convey. The target goals may vary, a goal can be to purchase a product, to visit a website, etc.


There are other advanced versions of this model, including another step to the process. This is the Conviction or Evidence step between the Desire and Action and usually it is known as AIDCA or AIDEA.


You can download AIDA Analysis PowerPoint template to prepare awesome presentations with AIDA diagrams.




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