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7P Marketing Mix Template for PowerPoint

7P Marketing Mix Template for PowerPoint



Free 7P Marketing Mix template for PowerPoint is a most sophisticated diagram that you can use as an alternative to 4Ps Marketing Mix diagram for PowerPoint. This free PPT template for Marketing presentations can be used to decorate your presentations with unique colors and circular style.

7p marketing mix PowerPoint template

Inside this PPT template you can find two unique slide designs with illustration and diagrams to be used in marketing presentations or product plans. Instead of the 4P Marketing Mix diagram, here we have added three additional events to the diagram: Physical Evidence, Process and People, since these concepts are important in the marketing mix and conforming the the essential 7P’s to effective online marketing.

7P Marketing mix example for PowerPoint with awesome diagram

In this other diagram we have used a flower PowerPoint diagram style instead of the circular diagram. With this elegant diagram you can add more useful and detailed information to each step. One of the essential elements of the marketing mix is people, so for example under People (one of the P’s in the 7P’s of Marketing Mix) you can consider to add the following concepts:¬†Employees, Management, Organization culture and the customer service orientation. In modern startups you can also consider the customer development (see more on Steve Blank).

Alternatively, you can download other free marketing slides for presentations including this full marketing PowerPoint template slide deck.

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