The ideal way to stand out of the crowd at your Job Interview is to prepare yourself for a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.  In today’s competitive job field, your expertise and how you present yourself is the key to get a perfect job.

Undoubtedly, when you are going for an interview there is a lot of preparation you need to do as it won’t be easy for you to face the tough competition. Thus, it’s better to be prepared to deliver outstanding Presentation in PowerPoint.


Guide to Prepare a job Interview PowerPoint Presentation

If you are not confident enough to give a PowerPoint presentation in front of an interviewer, don’t fret anymore! Here are some points that enable you to deliver good Presentations and give you a peace of mind as well:

Three Points

Always try to apply the rule of three which says” Less is more”. Find out the three things in your Presentation that help your listener to remember for longer time. Lay more emphasis on what is important in your Presentation to make a positive impression.


In order to give an effective PowerPoint presentation, make sure you had a look at company’s website and you have read all the important documents sent to you. Thus, proper research play a huge role in your Presentation and you just can’t deny this fact.


Pictures can tell a story and more likely to remember by an audience. As per the recent research, it has been found that visual Presentations are 10 times retrospect than bullet points if you use pictures properly. So, this is how you can make a huge impact on your listener.



Not to forget, your Presentation must emphasize on all your strong points relating to the position you are applying for.  It only means ensuring that your qualifications, experience and current skills give the necessary answers to your interviewer that makes you the best candidate to select.

Practice, Practice and Practice

While delivering the Presentation, the more you will rehearse the better you will be able to remember it. Further on, this allows you to sound naturally and you will be able to influence the interviewer in a desired way.  A brilliantly done rehearsal at home can significantly open the doors for you to get selected at a Job Interview.

After delivering the presentation, interviewer may even ask you some questions. Therefore, know your Presentation inside out and make sure you enjoy the process. If you enjoyed reading this article and now you are ready to check our free templates, then you can download free job interview PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 with unique and exclusive background designs.