PowerPoint Presentations have saved your day, since years now; whether it was about some college assignment or your training days; and even now when your boss calls for a sudden conference over the sales.

Ever since its existence, this is the only software that has dominated the scenario. But now, with the rising technical advancements, there are several other options too.

Different platforms have entered the arena, offering a number of benefits one over the other. Although, usage of such interfaces depends on the comfort level of the user, here is a brief comparison of different platforms against PowerPoint:



Advantages: It is a user-friendly dais and has been in use since years. Compatible with all versions of windows it provides comparatively more ease of usage, with a dependable feeling.

Disadvantages: It is quite obvious that some users might have got bored with its habitual usage, since there are very little amendments in the new versions. This creates a sense of stagnancy in its usage.

Earlier versions did not have the feature for integrating videos but its latest version for the year 2013 holds this enhancement. Compatible with tablets and Smartphones with a presenter view that automatically adapts to your projection set-up.


Similarity: You can add any type of  content including videos and images.


Dissimilarity: This medium allows to create non-linear presentations using internet. However, you can download the files after completion for an offline deliverance.
It is entirely based on a visual map where you need to put your content.

Featuring the zooming facility, the important areas of the graphics make it easier for the demonstrator to elaborate the point conveniently.


Similarity: Capable of supporting two screens at a single time, it has been designed to support videos.

Dissimilarity: Developed by Apple incorporation, the updated version of this software is Macintosh in which you can control the slides, using an iPhone or an iPad.


As soon as you open the program, it displays a number of options regarding theme selection, making itself more straightforward. Whereas in PPT you need to choose themes and layouts separately.


Similarity: Provides large variety of formats.

Dissimilarity: This software lets you create and share files but all you need is an Internet connection.

Slide Rocket

Similarity: Holds an impressive layout, along with high scale interactive applications that are easy to understand and use, just like PPT.

Dissimilarity: All files are shared on an Internet cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Holds a Central Library, where you can store all your files securely.

With such distinctive features, you can make your choice in accordance, with your requirement and comfort preferences.