Reverse image lookup is used to find different online sources where an image may exist. For example, if you come across a nice image online which you may wish to find in a larger size, you can go to Google Images or services like TinEye and find websites which may have the image in different sizes. Similarly, you can use different images from friends to see if they have shared them somewhere online, this is particularly useful for finding old friends via social media. Facebook Photo Appraiser is a Firefox extension for quickly performing a reverse image look up for Facebook photos.

Facebook Photo Appraiser

Find Out Who Has Shared Your Images Online

Whether you are concerned about someone spreading your private photos or wish to find and download a nice image for a PowerPoint presentation that you just found in your Facebook feed, you can quickly perform a reverse image lookup by clicking the Similar Images option. This option will instantly become available in Firefox after this extension is installed. To see this option you will require clicking on an image from Facebook.

Similar Images

Find Different Versions Of The Selected Image

After you click Similar Images, the image will be displayed via Google. This option is also natively available in Google Image search, however to find an image from Facebook you will probably require downloading the image and then uploading it to Google Images (under normal circumstances). Alternatively, you may use the image name to perform a search, which may or may not yield any results. As reverse image lookup finds the image from various online sources, even if it available with different names, it is the most effective method for locating different copies of an image, in different sizes. Nonetheless, you can use the Facebook Photo Appraiser extension for Firefox to make this process easy by using the “Similar Search” right from your Facebook profile.

Google Reverse Image Lookup

One of the best things about this add-on is that after installation the Facebook Photo Appraiser extension does not require restarting the Firefox browser and instantly adds the Similar Images option when you view images on Facebook

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