Somehow, presentations seem to follow us throughout the year. Students might need to prepare presentations just after the New Year for their projects, whereas many people need to provide project progress and future forecasts at the workplace around December and January. When making presentations in January or near the end of the year, you might want to add some New Year themed imagery to your slides. This is why like every year, we have compiled a list of clipart for you to use in your presentations for the coming year. This New Year 2019 clipart comes in the form of animated and static clipart that can help you make your presentations more interesting.

new year 2017 clipart


New Year 2017 Balloons Animated Clipart

This animated clipart depicts floating balloons with the option to add your own year. You can add a year from the download page and download this animation for your presentations as a GIF image or as a video.

Go to Presenter Media – New Year 2017 Balloons Animated Clipart

Rotating Year Animated Clipart

This is another animated clipart that can be used for the New year. Just go to the the Add Custom Text tab, add a year and download the clipart as a GIF image. You can also download your custom animation in MOV or SWF format. Furthermore, you can also make subtle changes to the animation by recoloring it and adjusting the Brightness, Saturation, Shadow and Reflection from the download page.


Go to Presenter Media – Rotating Year Animated Clipart

Figures Holding 2017 Clipart

This is a witty clipart image of stick figures holding 2017. You can download this image in a desired resolution and make use of it in your slides to make them more interesting.

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New Year 2017 Clock Clipart

This elegant clipart depicts a golden clock spelling 2017. You can add any year to this 3D clipart, which means it’s reusable year after year. To make changes to the year, refer to the download page and enter a different year before downloading the image.

Go to Presenter Media – New Year 2017 Clock Clipart

You can download more 2017 themed clipart, presentation templates and animations from the link below.