NDA template for Microsoft Word is a free Non- Disclosure document template that can be used. They templates are provided free for users. Solo practitioners and small firms get benefit from being able to use these forms, or provisions from these forms, in their practice. NDA  template can be used when a mutual agreement is not needed, for instance, when an independent contractor is being used or an individual is being hired by a firm. A non-mutual agreement might also be used when an investor wants to review a private placement memorandum to determine if he or she wants to make an investment. In these cases the disclosure of information is usually one way so a non-mutual agreement is relevant. The agreement contains a non-compete and non-circumvent provision.

Free NDA Template for Microsoft Word 2010 and later

Non attorneys are advised in their use of these documents. They should be customized as relevant for the specific situation or matter, and additional need to be checked for compliance with individual state law requirements. NDA templates are generally adopted as a non-disclosure or confidential manuscripts so the contractors or business allies can sign and settle to non-disclosure any information about the project or business that an individual is starting.

NDA Template (672 downloads)