Gestures in Android phones have been serving to be perfect for those time consuming actions. By a single gesture the user can now move on to that particular application or action which earlier required a few clicks.

All thanks to XDA Developers who designed and developed an ideal app, Now Gesture Tweaks, it has become really convenient for users to modify shortcuts for Android actions and tasks. There are several actions that can be taken on shortcuts within a fraction of seconds without even entering and browsing the Menu to search for a particular action.


Now Gesture Tweaks app

The application is available for download on any of the devices running on Android 4.0 or higher installed. Although the free version of this app has everything to fulfill day to day tasks but still if the user want to experience some more configuration options, it can be purchased too through Google Play Store hassle free.

Edit Android gestures

Now Gesture Tweaks provides users the power to exchange the default “Swipe Up” gesture which is normally launched by Google Now with a number of new functions and choices such as:

  • Open Notification Drawer
  • Release a decided on app straight away
  • Custom design app picker release

There are some other options provided for the same such as:

  • Kill historical past approaches
  • Take screenshots
  • Wi-Fi on/off
  • Bluetooth on/off
  • Release a shortcut
  • Open camera
  • Blank cache of every program
  • Pass to GPS settings
  • Automated brightness on/off
  • Automated rotation on/off

The gesture for activating Google Now is different in every device but majority of mobiles allow activating it by swiping up through the Home button. Whereas, there are a few mobile phones in which Google Now can be activated by long pressing the home button or multitasking/menu or back button too.

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