When making presentations with a lot of images it can be hard to adjust all images in the slide in a manner that does not make the slide look cluttered. This is where a professionally crafted PowerPoint template can help you get the job done more elegantly. The Modern Images PowerPoint Template is an animated slide deck which gives useful layouts for showcasing a range of images in professional looking layouts.

Perfect for Photography & Portfolio Presentations

Since this template gives a wide variety of layouts for making awesome looking slide decks with various images; it can be ideally used for photography and portfolio presentations.


Just replace the sample images within the deck with your own and run the template in Slide Show mode to watch the slides load with pre-configured animations.

Perfect Mix of Images & Text

There are a number of layouts in this template which offer the perfect mix of images and text. This is because the slides have been designed in such a way that not only can you reveal multiple images in stylish modern layouts but also add related text to make your slides more meaningful.


Full Image Backgrounds with Icons

You can also use the sample slides to create full image backgrounds and make use of the sample icons within sample slides. These icons are also replaceable, so you can also add your own content instead of the sample icons to design your slides. As you can see from the image below, you can make use of full image backgrounds and add overlay text without worrying about legibility.

Various slides come with helpful tips which provide useful ideas to edit the sample slides to customize them to match your needs.

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