Microsoft recently launched a new web browser, called ‘Spartan’. The browser comes as a welcome surprise for users that have long stayed with Internet Explorer, hoping for it to become more than it already is. Featuring a new and refreshing outlook and a dynamic integration of Microsoft’s superbly designed digital assistant Crotona; Spartan has started to turn heads already.

Microsoft Spartan Browser


Let us have a look at what this new kid on the block brings to the table


The Spartan Web Browser is designed for both mobile and non-mobile devices and allows for a cross platform synchronization pushing it into the league of browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The newly developed web browser utilizes the Edge layout engine rendered from Trident ensuring that web developers can consistently target the latest web standards.

The same engine would be incorporated in Windows 10 and allows users to switch to the previous MSHTML engine in case of specific applications and web pages to avoid any compatibility issues.

The browser comes with a function named as the ‘Reading List’. The function allows users to synchronize content on all the devices that run using Windows 10. This makes it easier for users to enjoy the same data on different devices and make the most of the windows experience.



When compared with its peers, Spartan’s newly developed HTML engine outperforms them. With a better JavaScript performance than the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, it also rendered graphics better than all of them.

Microsoft would not be discontinuing Internet Explorer that has been made crystal clear by the tech giant.

According to Microsoft, “Spartan loads the IE11 engine for legacy enterprise web sites when needed.” This basically means that applications and websites that have been developed in accordance with these standards will load seamlessly on Spartan

With promises and superb specs, we are hoping that Spartan would provide users with a refreshing break from the monotony of switching between the available choices.