While social media services have started providing some amount of integration, keeping up and posting to multiple social accounts isn’t easy. This is why third party web apps and mobile applications can be quite convenient to help users maintain multiple social accounts without having to open several browser tabs. Fuse: Social is a free app for iOS that makes it possible to manage various social media accounts from one app. The supported social networking accounts include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, with support for more accounts coming soon.

Fuse - You're one social person. Get one social app

Like, Comment And View Social Feeds

Once logged in, you can connect your social accounts, after which Fuse will import all your recent posts from the connected accounts to the Feeds section. Facebook users can Like, Share and Comment on posts or view them in Safari.


Connect Social Accounts

Create And Share Posts Simultaneously Across Multiple Social Accounts

Other features of this app include, the ability to view and respond to Notifications and Requests, the option to view Mentions, Create and Share new posts simultaneously across multiple accounts, attach images and more. You can also share your location with each post and associated accounts come with convenient buttons located at the bottom of the screen which allow quick sharing.

Share Posts Simultaneously Across Multiple Social Accounts

Pros And Cons

Fuse: Social has some nifty features, including a nice search menu, which can really be useful in narrowing down results, along with various options to partially manage different accounts. Furthermore, the app has been optimized for iPhone and also works with other iDevices. You can connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts with Fuse without any charges, however, using Instagram and Linkedin requires an in-app purchase worth $0.99 (each).


Fuse Social App For iPhone

The Verdict

On the whole, Fuse still appears to be in development and is missing some social media services. However, more services have been promised by the developer’s and we are likely to see a rise in functions in the near future. Fuse: Social works with the following devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

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