The Interactive DNA Template for PowerPoint provides DNA themed content with interactive slides that are interconnected. You might find this animated template useful if you’re engaged in the medical profession, are a medical student or require depicting DNA as a central theme in your presentation slides.

interactive dna template for powerpoint

DNA Themed Slides

You can make use of this template regardless of whether you need it for a presentation related to DNA, medicine, a profile for your patients or a presentation for a hospital. You can also use DNA as a central theme for presentations about business and finance, such as to use DNA symbolically as a topic for your presentations.


interactive dna slides

Interconnected DNA Illustrations and Slides

The template contains connectors which are interactive. As you click on a slide element it leads to another slide with additional information. You can use this feature to easily switch between slides and important subtopics, regardless of slide number. The interactive feature of this template can be previewed by running a slideshow of the template and checking the various connectors by clicking on them.

dna strands

Each DNA section contains connectors in the form of icons which lead to a slide with a closeup of the DNA illustration. By adding content to the sample placeholders, you can easily mould the slides to suit your needs. For example, you might be a doctor looking to explain the implications of taking a medicine by using DNA specific information. Similarly, you might want to explain the core values of your organization by discussing the DNA of your organization (so to speak), by using DNA symbolically to define the true values that the organization stands for.


dna closeup

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