HopTo is one of the most famous productivity apps available for iPad and works similar to Microsoft Office. It has proved to be a really useful application for every iPad user for various purposes.

Hopto app for iPad

HopTo Feature Overview

Here is a brief feature overview about this free Office cloud editor and viewer for iPad:

  • Users can search across several accounts on cloud storage and connected Windows computer
  • Editing of documents via the cloud
  • Consolidated view over documents across Box, Google Drive, connected Windows computer and Dropbox
  • Tabbed user interface that supports the multitasking feature.
  • HopTo comes with complete Office 2010 compatibility, including the ability to present PowerPoint Presentations
  • Ability to search across your Windows or Mac computer
  • Remote file access for PC
  • Send files using your email
  • Egnyte Enterprise file sharing support

It has been claimed that the current version of HopTo does not have online support that can be a concern for many users. But, it has proved to be a perfect app to be on any iPad these days. The connectors for Windows PC, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox are already included in this highly efficient HopTo virtual workspace. However, to connect to the Windows PC, the user is required to download a specific application for hassle free connectivity.

Support for PDF, MS Office, Image and Audio File Formats

HopTo supports everything from PDF, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint to Word documents, a wide range of image formats; as well as several audio formats too. The user simply needs to tap on the file to open it. The rest of the screen in the background blurs when the file is opened.

HopTo requires iOS 6 or laterfor iPad, you can download this free app from the link given below.

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