If you are looking for a creepy PowerPoint template to get your audience in the Halloween mood or to run a spooky slideshow at a monitor at a Halloween party, then ‘Graveyard Creeps’ fits the description. Graveyard Creeps Halloween PowerPoint Template is a spooky Halloween themed template which depicts laughing jack-o-lanterns, bats, colorful eyes looking right back at you from the dark and more.

The PowerPoint template starts with a title slide which shows the dead rising from the grave, as bats fly around in the night sky amidst the full moon.


Graveyard creeps halloween PowerPoint template

Creepy Slide Layouts

The slides which follow the opening slide  come with creepy layouts with space for adding text. The default font and font color is quite well adjusted, as it perfectly complements the template without visually reducing the impact of the spooky Halloween background.

Creepy slide layout

Happy Halloween!

The sample slides can be customized by readjusting the objects. Each object is editable, be it the jack-o-lanterns or the bats flying in the pale night sky. This leaves a lot of scope for customizing the sample slides with a touch of your own creativity.


Happy halloween

Spook Your Audience

The creatively designed Halloween layouts are ideal for a presentation which might be presented with the right backdrop, such as at a Halloween event with creepy decorations. With the given content, you can easily design slide layouts which can spook your audience. You can perhaps also add a nice background score to go with the Halloween clipart and animations.

Eyes watching you from the dark

Halloween Clipart

To help you in your customization endeavors, this spooky template gives you a copy of the clipart images used in various slides. The clipart slide can be used as a toolkit for building new slides or to edit the current ones, by using your own imagination.

Halloween clipart

You can grab this template of the undead from the Presenter Media website in Widescreen and Standard orientations.

Go to Presenter Media – Graveyard Creeps Halloween PowerPoint Template (Standard Format)

Go to Presenter Media – Graveyard Creeps Halloween PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Format)