Never has a software rolled out without a bug or two and there have been very few updates in the history of our IT revolution that have proved to be as disastrous as the latest rollout from the house of Apple. Yes, the update of the latest iOS 8 that was named as the iOS 8.0.1 did more harm than good to the wave generated by the latest iPhones.

iOS 8.0.1


Here is a list of the major issues presented by iOS 8.0.1 and reported by most of the users.

Loss of Cellular Service and Connectivity Issues

The biggest that the update caused was the loss of cellular service. A bug in this update somehow prevented the iPhone 6 and 6 plus from accessing the network and also affected the connectivity to a wireless network in most cases. Well if you cannot make a call then what’s the point of carrying a phone around?

Touch ID

One of the best features of Apple Phones was also taken down by this botchy update. The Touch Id is a superb security feature that was launched some time back and allowed the user to use a biometric lock on his or her iPhone. The update in most cases disabled the service and in most others made it glitch.

Third Party Keyboards

Users were more than happy when they heard about the iOS 8 supporting third party keyboards like android based phones, but the 8.0.1 prevented the users from using the third party keyboard when entering the pass code by switching automatically to the stock version of the keyboard.


Health Kit and Related Apps

The 8.0.1 reigned havoc on the health kit app that was highlighted during the launch of the iOS 8. It not only prevented third party applications from debuting alongside the app but also didn’t allow most apps to connect.

Apart from these major flaws, there were a number of minor bugs like the ringtones backup in the iCloud, issues in uploading photos using Safari, excessive data usage and the camera roll vanishing.