With the introduction of better and improvised versions, added features and ease of usage, it looks like PowerPoint will not go out of fashion easily. Although there have been strong criticisms, on the boredom and monotony these presentations bring into every demonstration.

Effectiveness of PowerPoint as a Communication Medium OSI Model PPT

Yet one important argument that holds importance is that after all this software has been created as an assistance tool, rather than being used as the steerer or the navigator of the presentation.


With the escalation of technology and rise in demand for better and competent presentation software, there have been many similar launching; their major advantage being friendliness with portable devices.

Lets have a look at some arguments towards debating the effectiveness of PowerPoint Presentation:


Limited Editing Options

In comparison to its other contestants this has lesser features, especially for editing requirements. One cannot utilize it as a practical online sharing presentation technique.

Looks Repetitive

This has been used so many times and since so many years that the audience is tired of looking at the same demonstration over and over again.


It needs to go for a total makeover and then make a stunning entry, striking enough to lure people’s attention, back to it again.

Causes Unnecessary Elaboration with Too Many Slides

Presenters and presentation makers have fallen into the habit of adding numerous slides, just to consume time and lessen their burden of explaining or speaking. This not just bores the audience but also annoys them at a later stage.

Often Leads to One-sided Conversation

People with good oratory skills and communication power do not prefer to take the aid of PowerPoint Presentation. They feel it hampers the flow of conversation and ideas from the other side.


Structured Way of Demonstration

It certainly helps you prepare an organized presentation, which has a prearranged and well thought out look and appeal. This impresses the audience from the beginning.

Easy to Understand and Implement

This is the easiest tool for anyone to utilize and create simple or appealing presentations, from the starting. There are the enhancements of the different types of templates with customizable benefits.

There is More Than Just Talking

If only there are words and no graphics, then it is certainly going to be a dull demonstration. It has to have something attractive to keep the listeners glued to it. Hence, PowerPoint has gained reliability amongst almost every sector.

This has created and maintained its standard for generating significant call to action. Yet there are areas where it needs to augment its power to become the actual powerful presentation technique.