A teacher might require touching upon various subjects during a class lecture. He/She might require teaching children about math in one period and about general science in another. This is especially the case with teachers catering for kindergarten or primary students, since they might be tasked with teaching multiple subjects. Educational Subjects PowerPoint Template is an interactive presentation template which provides slides for teaching multiple subjects.

Interactive Presentation Template

This is an interactive template which connects various slides via different buttons located on each slide. The title slide contains icons linked to different slides related to various subjects. The subjects are listed on the title slide and you can click on the subject to jump to the slide related to it.


To help presenters go back to any subject, there is a Home icon across sample slides which takes the presenter back to the title slide. Once back on the title slide, you can click any subject to switch topic with ease.

biology subject

Sequence of Slides Designated to Each Subject

The subjects are laid out in a sequence, where a few slides have been designated for each subject in the template. For example, once you’re done with the biology topic, the next slides that show up are related to creative art. These are followed by health and so on. Other subjects covered in this template include; math, physics, science and language arts.


a science teacher

Edit Slide Objects to Customize Slides

The slides can be comprehensively reshaped by the presenter to design them according to need. You can also add additional slides to extend a specific topic or simply make an entire presentation only related to a single subject by editing the sample slides. Since the individual slide objects are in editable form, you can copy these objects and reuse them as clipart as needed.

education subjects powerpoint template

This Educational Subjects PowerPoint Template has versions available for not only PowerPoint but also Keynote.

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