You might still remember reading about the structure of the earth at school, with the diagram depicting the mantle, core and crust. Core diagrams are used across various subjects, including; science and business. Whether you need to make a core diagram for your geology class or need to make business diagrams for a presentation at office, the editable core diagrams template for PowerPoint given below can help you create all kinds of core diagrams and infographics in no time.

Core Diagrams Toolkit for PowerPoint

The Animated Core Diagrams Toolkit for PowerPoint gives more than a dozen slides with sample core diagrams that can be edited to create custom diagrams with ease.


Easy to Edit Core Diagrams for PowerPoint

The title slide gives a red background with a four layered circle. Other slides come with similar core diagrams but with better editability. The diagrams are created with different layers, which makes them perfect for use as stacked diagrams. You can add text to the given placeholders to label the diagrams to quickly generate core diagrams slides.

Wide Variety of Core Diagram Layouts

In this template you will find a diverse range of core diagrams that can be easily edited for depicting different types of processes, business and scientific models, and for making infographics.


Some of the diagrams also provide a layout similar to a key, where each color of the diagram is singled out with text-boxes so that the presenter may be able to provide in-depth details regarding each layer. Since each layer is represented with a unique color, this can be a good way of explaining important aspects of different processes. Moreover, the color coding also makes it easy for the viewer to be able to decode the diagram with ease.

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