There can be a number of benefits of making 3D cube diagrams. You can elaborate processes and concepts using a three dimensional cube diagram, as well as make infographics, timelines and present your topic more effectively using attractive 3D cube designs. In a previous tutorial we showed you how to make a 3D cube. We recently came across an awesome 3D Cube PowerPoint Template with Animated Diagrams which can help you create attractive presentation slides in no time.

3D cube diagrams with animations


Animated 3D Cubes for PowerPoint

The animated 3D cube slides for PowerPoint are editable and you can change the layouts by editing slide elements according to need. You can even use the sample slides in their original form by simply labeling the text-boxes for making your diagrams. Needless to say, you can also include your own content to slides such as images, text-boxes, charts, etc.

Animated 3D cubes for PowerPoint

Editable 3D Cube Diagrams

To edit the sample slides you can use drag and drop for rearranging objects and recolor slides using formatting options in PowerPoint. The last few slides in the template also provide some illustrations which show you how to edit sample diagrams using PowerPoint.

Editable cube diagrams for PowerPoint


Edit or Rearrange Animations

With 21 sample slides this template delivers a number of cube diagrams which come in animated form. To preview the animations, you can switch to Slide Show mode or go to the Animations Pane from the Animations tab in PowerPoint to edit or rearrange the default animations.

Edit or rearrange animations

Stunning 3D Slide Designs

The cube themed slides in this template are quite stunning and not limited to a handful of designs. The sample slides also feature slides that appear like a Rubik Cube or a bridge made up of cubes. As mentioned earlier, you can also create your own cube designs by editing the sample slides according to your requirements.

Stunning 3D cube slide designs


Overall, this is one of the finest 3D cube themed PowerPoint template that you are ever likely to find. Not only are the sample designs very impressive but the scope for customization is also quite vast.

Rubik cube slide design

Both Windows and Mac users can fetch this template and use it with all editions of PowerPoint launched within the last decade, including the latest PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016 editions.

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