Downloading and adding Clip Art in any Microsoft Office program is easy and features two methods. We’ll be explaining both methods in this tutorial. We’ll start using Microsoft PowerPoint. After clicking Insert and then Clip Art, you see the Clip Art search area to your right.

At the bottom of this search box, you’ll want to click on find more at


On, there will be many pieces of Clip Art available for download. Simply type in what you’re searching for. You can also scroll to the bottom and search by category. At the top of the screen you’ll also notice there are Templates available for download.

Once we type in the general subject we’re looking, search through the pictures for a piece you’d like to use and simply click Download.


A download prompt will pop up for you to confirm your download. Be sure to save the picture where you can find it and insert it into your project or document once you return to PowerPoint, Word, or whatever program you’re using.

The second method is also the quickest. With the Clip Art search box open in the Microsoft program you’re using, check the box next to Include content and perform your search as normal. This will show Clip Art that is available online in your Clip Art Gallery.

Once your desired Clip Art is found click on it and it will be a part of the project.