If you are someone who requires cramming in a lot of related data in the form of presentation slides, it might be best to create infographic slides. We have previously covered a number of Animated infographic Templates for PowerPoint which can help you create data-driven slides in the form of easy to understand infographics. Many of these templates are quite elaborate and provide complex layouts for making attractive infographics. However, if you’re looking for an infographic template which has a minimalist design then you might be interested in the Animated Creative Forms Infographic PowerPoint Template.

Creative forms PowerPoint template


Creative Shapes & Layouts

This animated template contains shapes and layouts with editable objects and minimalist slide designs which can be easily edited to create professional presentations. The opening slide contains a replaceable blur image which is a part of the background. This image comes with two sidebars on the right and left side of the slide. These sidebars come with replaceable icons. You can use these two parts of the slide to add icons describing your infographic or presentation topic (to introduce your presentation).

Creative forms presentation template for PowerPoint

The following slides are made up of layouts which can be used to reveal information in the form of lists and comparison slides.

Creative forms infographic template


Change Theme Colors

The template not only has editable layouts but you can even change the theme colors in PowerPoint. Some instructions for editing your slides to alter their look is given as tooltips. To change the color of a section of the template, simply select the part of the slide and choose options from the Ribbon menu.

Change infographic theme colors

The highlights of the template are its abstract, yet minimalist layouts with creative shapes that form the slides. The template gives a combination of static and animated slides to help you choose which one you might want to use for your presentations. The same slide layouts are available in both static and animated format. This means that many animated slides in this template are followed by their static versions.

Animated slide with animated bulleted list

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