‘It is all about Presentation’, some wise guy once said and it holds true for anything and everything. In the world we live in presentations have become an integral part of our lives. From students to professionals everyone needs to tackle the dreaded slideshow quintuple times at the least.

Creating presentations and sharing them instantly is one thing that we all want and Presentate is one service that allows you to do more. A web-based service, Presentate, follows a PowerPoint based format with minor tweaks here and there. This keeps it simple and effective without compromising on any of the features offered by its counterpart.



Getting Started

Creating presentations, school projects and everything that utilizes slideshows is as easy as it could ever be. However, before you start utilizing the service you need to sign up following the regular run of the mill process. Once you have done that you can begin creating mind-blowing presentations.

Create Seamlessly

The process of creating slides for your presentation is easy. All you need to do is start by adding a slide and then double click to add text. As soon as you do that, a number of options appear in a popup. These can be used to change the styles and formatting of the slides.

Customize Your Slides

Using templates to add style to your slides can also be done. Choose the template that you think would look best and start working on it. If you want to customize the slides further, you can upload images that can be used as the background of your slides.


Creating a Comprehensive Presentation

Once you have made yourself familiar with the tools and customization options you would be able to create a presentation of your desired specifications. You can choose between the various styles of slides to enhance the way the slideshow works.

Sharing and Publishing

While you create mobile sales presentations using Presentate, the most important thing to keep in mind is the power of sharing instantly. The service allows you to publish the presentation as soon as you are ready to do that. All you need to do is click share and you are ready to go.

Using this elegant and simple web service can totally change the way things work when it comes to giving killer presentations on the go.

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