Mind mapping your ideas can help you gather he raw material required for a plan ahead. Many a times you might require presenting these mind maps for brainstorming sessions or to discuss ideas with the senior management. What can make your mind maps really stand out are some nice layouts, especially animated slide designs.

Animated Mind Map Template for PowerPoint

Head Puzzle is a PowerPoint template for making animated mind maps and infographics, using eye-catching slide designs. The entire template is laden with diagram and infographic like sample layouts which are extremely easy to customize.


The puzzle piece themed slide designs in this template depict a head with one or more puzzle pieces connecting to it.

Animated mind maps with head puzzles

Automatically Create Animated Diagrams

There are a variety of unique slide designs for making extraordinary diagrams with your own text. You can make anything from comparison diagrams to infographics, mind maps and other types of custom diagrams by editing the text-boxes within sample slides. Once customized, the animations will play with your added content when you present your slides.

Infographic slide with head illustration


The below diagram slide contains eight puzzle pieces with associated text-boxes. Upon mouse click, each puzzle piece falls into place. As you continue to click, the slide is eventually completed, as the eighth puzzle piece falls into place.

Mind map slide design for PowerPoint 2016

Make Timelines and Roadmaps

You can even make use of the sample slides for making timelines and roadmaps. The head pieces and illustrations can be used for presenting different parts of a project roadmap or timeline, with associated descriptions regarding each respective section of the slide.

Comparison slide for PowerPoint 2016


Useful Icons and Symbols

There are dozens of useful symbols and icons that you can conveniently incorporate in your slides. The icons library slide provides all kinds of clipart that you can copy across your slides for making elaborate infographics, mind maps, custom diagrams and timelines.

Symbols slide for PowerPoint

This animated mind map template is compatible with PowerPoint editions for Windows and Mac, including PowerPoint 2016.

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