Modern design templates have a cleaner look and can accommodate more data without visually overpowering the audience. This is why using Modern UI like slide designs can be helpful in presenting your data driven slides. Clean Edges is a Modern UI inspired slide deck with animations suitable for making infographics, timelines, charts and more.

Clean Lines with a Modern Slide Design

This Clean Lines Modern Infographic PowerPoint Template contains animated and static slides that you can use according to need. The same slides are available in the form of an animated slide and a static one.


Animated clean edges PowerPoint template

Animated Infographic Slides with Replaceable Slide Objects

The title slide is followed by infographic layouts with replaceable stick figure clipart. You can customize these layouts by adding and removing slide objects and recoloring the slide elements. There are also tooltips to guide you about customization possibilities that you can explore.

Animated modern infographic PowerPoint template

Create Animated Timelines, Series Slides and Bullet Lists

The multipurpose slides in this template can be adjusted to create timelines, roadmaps, series slides and bulleted lists. You can also customize the sample layouts to create other types of slides, as well as duplicate or add new slides for adding your images, diagrams and charts.


Series slide with infographic layout

Customizable Chart Illustrations

While the template does not provide conventional PowerPoint charts, however, you do get customizable illustrations of bar charts. These come with replaceable icons on top, which you can remove to add your own or use them as they are. Additionally, you can also recolor the bars and drag them to create chart layouts with your custom data.

Chart slide with infographic slide design

The chart illustrations also come with text-boxes tied to them, so you can explain each part of the data with ease.

Animated infographic chart

This animated Modern design template for PowerPoint is available for Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS.

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