Bright Year Ahead PowerPoint Template is a New Year related slide deck which can be used for making presentations at the beginning of the year. You can use this template year after year by changing the digits on the opening slide to represent the current year.

New Year’s Presentation Template

The slide deck starts with fireworks announcing the New Year. You can make changes to the sample slide content to customize the message according to need. There are also instructions within the template to help presenters make required changes to the default layouts.


Bright Year Ahead PowerPoint Template

Change Year & Sample Content

While this template was designed for year 2018, you can change the year to use it year after year, as well as customize the fireworks text to use the template for other occasions. The fireworks theme makes it quite suitable for a number of presentation topics related to holidays and celebrations.

New Year 2018

By changing the given sample content you can also customize this template for use for corporate events and to highlight the achievements of your organization. Basically, the template works great for any presentation that requires a festive mood.


New Year Template for Keynote and PowerPoint

Customizable Slides

There are layouts for making text-heavy slides, comparisons and you can even add your charts, tables and diagrams to sample slides. Like all Presenter Media templates, this template is also highly customizable.

New Year Comparison Slide

Number Clipart

The last slide offers number clipart. This clipart type can be handy for customizing the sample slides with similar content. You might also find the clipart useful for creating custom messages for your slides. Alternatively, you can always use your own font or clipart for creating messages that go well with the template’s black theme.

Digits Clipart

The template has three versions available, one for Keynote and the other two for PowerPoint editions for Mac and PC.

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