Illustrations of books are often common in educational presentations. A stack of books is perhaps one of the most common type of imagery used for making academic presentations and class lectures. We have listed a few book stack themed video backgrounds and clipart that you can download to make your presentations more interesting.

Stack of Books Video Background with Custom Text for PowerPoint

If you want more than just a static image of a stack of books, you can download this stack of books video background for PowerPoint to make more interesting presentations. This is the custom text version of the stack of books animation. You can go to the download page, add custom text and download the animation as a PowerPoint or video file.


Stack of books custom video background

The supported formats not only include PowerPoint but also three popular video formats, namely; Windows Media Video, Flash and MOV.

Download stack of books animation

The screenshot below shows the custom PPTX version that we downloaded by adding ‘Slide hunter’ as one of the book names prior to download.


Go to Presenter Media – Stack of Books Video Background with Custom Text for PowerPoint

Custom text video animation of books stack

Stack of Books Video Background for PowerPoint

This is almost the same video animation with a few changes. The books aren’t labeled and there is no option to add custom text within the animation. However, once the animation is downloaded you can add overlay text in the given placeholders.

Go to Presenter Media – Stack of Books Video Background for PowerPoint


Climbing book stack video animation

Stick Figure Climbing Books Ladder Clipart

This clipart shows a stick figure on a ladder, climbing a book stack. The default color of the books is blue but you can change it to another color using the Adjust Color option from the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure Climbing Books Ladder Clipart

Climbing stack of books clipart

Grab Book Online Clipart

This clipart depicts a stick figure taking a book off a shelf from within a laptop screen. This symbolic clipart is meant to illustrate e-books or online book stores, however, you can use this clipart with any topic you like, in a manner you may deem appropriate. This can not only include topics about e-books or online book stores but even topics like e-learning, education in general and the like.

Go to Presenter Media – Grab Book Online Clipart

Online books clipart