People engaged in the medical field often require imagery which can help create professional presentations with visual illustrations. In such a case hospital clipart can be useful for making medical presentations with the visual aid of clipart that can illustrate various concepts. Here is our list of the best hospital clipart.

Best hospital clipart


Medical Inquiry Clipart

This medical clipart depicts a doctor popping out of a box, with a stethoscope attached to his ear. This is the perfect kind of clipart to illustrate various kinds of medical topics. The clipart can help make presentations related to the medical field, hospitals, healthcare system of a country, etc.

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Medical inquiry clipart

Doctor Clipart

This is an isometric image, which means it has more depth and comes in three dimensional form. This simple doctor clipart can be downloaded in various resolutions as a PNG or JPG image for making hospital and medical presentations.


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Doctor clipart

Nurse Clipart

Nurses are sometimes even more important than doctors. Where and when doctors aren’t available, nurses do the bulk of work to look after patients. This 3D nurse clipart is also an isometric image which can be of great help when making medical themed presentations.

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Nurse clipart

Man in Hospital Bed Clipart

This is a simple isometric illustration of a patient on a hospital bed, which is the most common sight at any hospital. Hence, this can be a handy image to use when covering medical topics.

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Patient on bed clipart

Wheelchair Clipart

This clipart gives an isometric view of a blue wheelchair. You can also recolor the clipart from the download page and download it in a desired resolution. This clipart can be handy for topics about disability, disability benefits, risks at the workplace, etc.

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Wheelchair clipart

X-Ray Machine Clipart

It is unlikely that anyone reading this post has not had at least one X-Ray in a lifetime. X-Ray machines are common in hospitals, but perhaps not so common in the form of 3D illustrations. If you need a nice X-Ray clipart, this isometric image might be what you need.

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X-Ray machine clipart

MRI Machine Clipart

MRI scans are quite common for patients who might have suffered from a severe injury or when doctors intend to determine the root cause of a problem. Like the X-Ray machine, it is an important tool for diagnosis of a disease. MRI machines aren’t usually available in the form of clipart images, which makes this 3D clipart a good resource for presenters.

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MRI machine clipart

You can download more medical clipart images, PowerPoint templates and video animations from the link below.