Presentations made during the Halloween season tend to have some kind of reference to the event itself. Be it a workplace presentation or one made for school; adding some Halloween cheer might just be expected. We have created a list of some of the best Halloween clipart images for PowerPoint to enable you to add some holiday cheer to your slide decks.



Rustic Chalkboard Custom Text Halloween Clipart

This clipart allows you to add custom text to the chalkboard within the image to deliver a message in the form of a realistic, Halloween themed image. You can add your desired text from the download page and download the clipart in a resolution of your choice.

Below is an example of how your clipart will look like after adding your custom text.

Go to Presenter Media – Rustic Chalkboard Custom Text Halloween Clipart



Scary Pumpkins Custom Text Halloween Clipart

You can add your text beneath a bunch of scary pumpkin images to add some Halloween cheer to your slides. This custom text clipart gives a conventional Halloween look, with five smiling jack-o’-lanterns, with the option to customize the image with your own text and logo.

Go to Presenter Media – Scary Pumpkins Custom Text Halloween Clipart


Spooky Ghost Clipart

This spooky ghost clipart provides a 3D image of a stick figure wearing a sheet, looking like a ghost. This clipart can help you make your presentations more cheerful, by adding a touch of humor to your Halloween slides.


Go to Presenter Media – Spooky Ghost Clipart


Cat & Pumpkin Clipart

Black cats and pumpkins make up of the primary merchandise for Halloween. This 3D Halloween clipart image brings the best of both, with a beautiful cat and pumpkin clipart.

Go to Presenter Media – Cat & Pumpkin Clipart


Scary Pumpkin Clipart

A smiling jack-o’-lantern, with a glowing aura is all you need to add the much needed spooky element to your Halloween slides. This high resolution clipart gives a perfect 3D illustration of a spooky jack-o’-lantern to make your slide decks ready for Halloween.

Go to Presenter Media – Scary Pumpkin Clipart


You can download a wide range of Halloween clipart images, including 2D, 3D and custom text clipart, from the link below.