Cloud computing has revolutionized the way things work around us, the power it has given to us is unparalleled, removing all boundaries and everything that could hold us back. No more limited storage; no more lack of computing power, everything you want is on the Cloud, ready to go with you anytime anywhere.

Every major player has started its own series of Cloud storage services, offering new and refined features to the user and enhancing the way they interact with the world around them, but one service that has always been ahead of other is Apple’s iCloud.



iCloud offers a vivid variety of features, most of which may sound similar to other Cloud services but are different from them in their own unique way. The cloud offers limitless possibilities and with the power of Apple backing it up it gives the users a multitude of benefits of using iCloud.

One service for them all

The iCloud is a comprehensive service that allows the user to create a unique email with up to three aliases. This one id can be used on every apple device that has been synchronized with the cloud service. This enables easy sharing and viewing of files on multiple devices at the same time. You can use your iPad, Apple TV or iPhone to view the files that have been uploaded to the drive by any of the devices.

Superb backup service

The iCloud provides an automatic backup feature and the user can select what he or she wants to backup automatically on the cloud. This not only protects the data from getting lost in case the device malfunctions but also saves the user’s time compared to backing up the data manually.


Track your device

The iCloud allows the user to track the location of the synchronized devices in real time. This not only acts as a security enhancement but also makes sure that the user never loses track of the device. This particular service allows the user to actively keep a tab on the device’s location.

iTunes everywhere

The biggest advantage of using iCloud is that the user can easily import every file on the iTunes account to any device of his or her choice. Making use of the iTunes match service the user can make the songs readily available on any device irrespective of the fact whether they have been purchased from iTunes or not.