When you check into a hotel, one of the first things you usually see is a bellhop carrying luggage. While every bellhop might not be dressed in an attire made of chantilly lace, however, that’s the image that everyone pictures when thinking about bellhops and hotels. The list below provides some high-quality bellhop and hotel clipart which can be used for a wide range of topics, such as; for presentations about tourism, vacation, hotels, and the like.


Bellhop Holding Luggage Clipart

A bellhop holding luggage can be an excellent way of making slides for a tourism, travel, or vacation related topic. This clipart comes with a transparent and white background, with the option to download it in a resolution of your choice.


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Bell Hop in Eyehole Clipart

We all hope that when we check-in to a hotel, we get some good food and service worth our money. This clipart somewhat covers that notion with the image of a bellhop holding a platter. The clipart has been designed to make the bellhop appear to be on the other side of the door, viewable via a peephole.

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Generic Hotel Room Clipart

This simple clipart shows a generic hotel room, with a bed, table and chair. This clipart can be used with your custom PowerPoint background by downloading it with a transparent background, or you can opt for the white background instead.

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Hotel Building Clipart

This clipart shows a building designed like a resort. You can use this hotel clipart for tourism and travel themed presentations and even add this holiday clipart to your slides to create your own custom slide designs.

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You can download more hotel themed clipart images from the Presenter Media website via the link below.