A presentation may be delivered to accomplish several intentions. Sometimes it is given in order to convey a message to the targeted audience while sometimes it is delivered to educate people about certain things or showcase the products or services offered by a particular company or organization. In order to give a wonderful presentation, a confident speaker or orator is required who would accomplish the actual motive of that particular presentation.

After finishing off with the presentation, taking a potential feedback from the viewers comes out to be the most important part of it. It would let you know that whether the intention of delivering that presentation has been accomplished or not. Every spectator would reply with his personal views and most of them would be different, off course. However, their views will let you know about the things you lacked in your presentation or speech.

avoid negative audience feedback

Here are some of the negative points mentioned in the feedback generally given by the audience after various presentations. By analyzing these common audience complaints, you can avoid negative audience feedback.

It has been noticed that sometimes people complain about the confidence of the speaker. There are a lot of presenters that lack confidence while delivering the presentation. It is strongly suggested that the speaker must be full of confidence and must be very clear about the topic to be presented before the audience. Every slide must be well synchronized to deliver the presentation in a proper flow.

In addition, it has also been reported by several spectators that the voice of the speaker was not audible to them. So, it also becomes a noticeable point to be loud enough to be audible to every person available during the seminar. It has also been mentioned that the vocabulary was a bit of a professional level. The orator must deliver the presentation using simple words that are easily understandable by every individual.

Next point mentioned in the feedback was the color scheme of the slides. Sometimes the text and the images incorporated in the slides are not clearly visible to the audience as they merge with the background color of the slide. In order to make a winning presentation, one must consider the color scheme and the size of text very carefully making it readable to every individual.

These were some of the negative points that are mentioned in the feedback of various spectators collected after the presentation. Taking a positive node on these mentioned points would surely let you make a winning presentation.