Vacation themed templates can be useful for creating presentations by businesses working in the travel and tourism industry, as well as for people looking to cherish their memories in the form of a slideshow or presentation. Such a template might also be handy for presenting the highlights of a company retreat or field visit. The Animated Vacation & Travel PowerPoint Template given below is just what you need to create vacation related presentations.

The template provides slides with depictions of a cruise, sunny beach, palm trees, etc. The clipart and animations in the template easily convey a visual message to the audience that the presentation is related to a theme like travel and tourism.


Animated Vacation & Travel Presentation Template

Infographic and Diagram Slides

There are a number of slides for making infographics and diagrams, or charts depicting statistics. You can edit the text and recolor the diagram elements to design the slides according to need. Making presentations using infographics and diagrams can help you add more visual appeal to your slides. It can also help you explain complex details more conveniently. As slide elements gradually load upon mouse-click, you can take the opportunity to reveal each part of your diagram or infographics one by one.

Animated Vacation & Travel PowerPoint Template

To create diagrams and infographics, simply add text to the given slides. You can also drag to recreate and alter slide content, recolor slides in PowerPoint and experiment around with Ribbon menu options to fashion your slides.


Vacation Diagram

The overall presentation content is quite colorful. This is meant to make slides more vibrant and attractive. The orange background gives a sunny outlook to slides, making it a good option for presenters looking to add a relaxing feel to slides. However, if you want slides with blue skies and travel related clipart, you might want to see our list of Animated Vacation PowerPoint Templates.

Vacation Infographics

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