Umbrella is often used to symbolize protection, security and safety. You can incorporate these themes in your presentations using the Animated Umbrella PowerPoint Template.

Animation of Umbrella Protecting a Family from Rain

The opening sequence depicts a family being protected from rain via an umbrella. You can use this animated slide to start your PowerPoint presentation by including a title and subtitle.


Animated umbrella PowerPoint template

Umbrella Puzzle Pieces with Text Boxes

There are two major animation sets in this template. One depicts puzzle pieces forming an umbrella with connected textboxes and the other presents bullet lists.

Umbrella template for PowerPoint

The textboxes connected to animated puzzle pieces forming an umbrella increase as you proceed with your slides. This animated slide sequence starts with two textboxes, followed by three, four, five and eventually eight textboxes.


Three piece umbrella puzzle slide design

Umbrella Puzzle Pieces with Bullet Lists

Like the textbox sequence, the bullet list sequence starts with two points, followed by a slide with three points, and so on. The bullet list ends at eight bullet points.

Umbrella bullet list

Both animated sequences reveal the content in animated form, where your added text will be displayed in the respective placeholders. You can also add images and logos to these slides but make sure you preview your slide show to ensure that all extra placeholders and clipart images are in the right order. You can make adjustments according to need to edit out any overlapping of content which might occur. Whatever is revealed in the slide show will be your final output.


Eight piece umbrella puzzle slide

Protection Clipart

There are clipart slides with images related to protection and security. These images, like the preceding slides can be used for a wide range of topics including; family planning, disaster management, insurance, social security, savings,  financial support, health, education, basic utilities, etc.

Protection clipart

This umbrella presentation template is available for Microsoft PowerPoint apps for Windows and Mac, as well as Apple’s keynote apps for Mac and iPad devices.

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