The Animated Travel PowerPoint Template is a travel, tourism and vacation themed template with all that you can need for making a good presentation. The editable PowerPoint slides come with animated content, maps, clipart images and diverse presentation layouts, which are editable right down to the most basic slide elements.

Animated Travel and Vacation Template for PowerPoint

The opening slide provides an animation of the world map, with a plane traveling from one country to another.


Animated travel PowerPoint template

Static and Animated Slides

The template contains static and animated slides which gives you more options for choosing between animations and good old static slides. Basically, the animated slides also have static versions for the convenience of presenters.

Static travel themed slide

Customize Sample Layouts

The available sample layouts can be customize by dragging and dropping objects. You can also make use of a plethora of Ribbon menu options like the PowerPoint Drawing Tools to change the shape, size and color of slide elements. The given layouts can also be manipulated for making various types of content, such as bulleted lists, comparison slides, single picture layouts, chart slides, etc.


Customizable travel layouts for PowerPoint

Travel Themed Clipart Images

The clipart images in this template are reusable via copy-paste and there are even clipart slides to give you sample images for use across your slides.

Travel clipart for PowerPoint

Add Logos for Popular Vacation Spots

The custom badge slide gives you a sample logo for famous US destinations, however, you can also replace it with your own branding or logo. This for example, might be useful for travel agents explaining about their travel agency in an introductory slide or for small business owners who might want to make a slide show to impress vacationers who visit their shop.


The template also contains an entire slide with badges for multiple US vacation spots such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Mt Rushmore, etc.

Create a custom logo

This animated template is compatible with Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use this animated template with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Apple Keynote for iPad and Mac OS X

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