Traffic signals are everywhere, literally! And yet, they are perhaps one of the most underappreciated devices. Images of traffic signals aren’t just often used to talk about traffic, driving rules and regulations or road safety but also symbolically. A traffic light might be used to describe when to start, hold or stop an activity or to describe the difference between order and chaos. For example, the latter can be depicted in the form of a dysfunctional traffic light.

The Animated Traffic Signal Template for PowerPoint gives some elegantly crafted slides with interesting animations for making professional presentations.


Traffic signal PowerPoint template

Animated Traffic Lights Sequence

There are a number of animated PowerPoint sequences that reveal different traffic lights upon mouse-click, in Slide Show mode. There is also a sequence which displays each traffic light with one color turned on. These green, yellow and red traffic signal lights can help you create interesting animated slides.

Traffic signals infographic

Infographic, Timeline & Diagram Slides

Different sample slides in this traffic lights template are suitable for making infographics, diagrams and timelines. Not only are sample slides flexible enough to accommodate different types of text and images added by the presenter but there is also scope for customizing existing slide elements. You can also change the colors, size and placement of slide objects.


Traffic signal timeline slide design

Expertly Crafted Slides with Attractive Layouts

Something that can really help you make good presentations is the right use of graphics and animations. This template provides a good balance of both, with easy customization options. The central theme of the template is mainly traffic lights and the concept of stop, wait and go, which can have a lot of symbolic value.

Traffic signal slide design

You can accommodate a number of topics related to business, sports, politics, education, career development and other subjects with traffic lights and road imagery. For example, you can create roadmaps, timelines, infographics and elaborate upon the do’s and don’ts of different fields.

Comparison slide with traffic signal illustrations

There are 13 sample slides in this template, with some additional slides in the end with tips regarding the customization of slide elements.

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