When making presentations about business, sales, success, career development, etc; you might want to use stairs to reflect upon the concept of progress. Stairs Information Goal is the name of an animated slide deck which gives stairway themed presentation slides.

Add your Own Information to Animated Slides

There are a number if stairway slides in this stairs PowerPoint template which reveal an image as a door opens, as you proceed with your slide. You can reveal different custom images behind these doors upon mouse-click during your presentation.


Stairway template for PowerPoint

Customization Instructions for Presenters

There are tooltips which give useful customization instructions for replacing default images and the look of slide objects. You can insert your own information and replace default images to create slides which can reveal your content in an animated format.

Stairs Powerpoint template

Customize Template Colors

You can also change the colors of the theme to make your presentation slides more in-line with your presentation topic, company colors, event, etc. In the image below, we change the colors of the stairs by changing the default theme colors via the Design tab in PowerPoint.


Customize stairway colors

Infographic Slides for Making your Presentation More Attractive

You can create attractive infographic slides by making use of the infographic like layouts in this template. There are multiple slides in this deck which are especially customizable for making infographic slides. This can help you reveal information using attractive stairway themed slides with pre-enabled animations. Just add your text and images and let the default animations take effect. You can preview everything by running your presentation slideshow.

Interesting infographics

Move Around Stick Figures

The central theme of this template includes stairway illustrations with stick figures strategically placed at different parts of the staircase. You can also move around these figures to create custom slides according to need.

Move stick figures around

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