Presentations about different seasons or the weather can be difficult to make, not to mention time consuming. Previously, we brought you a review of the Animated Summer PowerPoint Template, this time we will provide you with an overview of an even more extraordinary season themed template, which comes with attractive, customizable animated slides.

Customizable Spring PowerPoint Template With Animations

The Animated Spring PowerPoint Template is a presentation template that comes with various animated slides which can be customized to add your own text and images. This PowerPoint Template provides different animated slides which depict a rising sun, a growing plant, spring flowers, rainy clouds and more.


animated spring time powerpoint template

Interactive Slides Which Reveal Content As You Click

The interactive slides in this template reveal content at click, such as the slide shown below which grows the plant upon each click, revealing your added text.

interactive spring slides

Mould Animated Slides According To Your Presentation Topic

The template can be used for different topics related to the spring season and the weather. Moreover, you can even adjust the generic slides to create presentations on topics like business, growth, environment, global warming, etc.

spring rain slide


SmartArt Graphics, Tables And Charts

This template not only provides different animations but also comes with tables and charts which can help you present statistical information with ease. Furthermore, you can also make good use of the given SmartArt Graphics to create sequential slides or to display important information related to your topic with the aid of attractive slide designs.

spring themed smartart

Spring Themed Clipart

The spring template also provides useful clipart related to spring which can be copied and used across your slides to add a cheerful spring feel to your presentations.

spring clipart images

Animated Spring PowerPoint Template Video Walkthrough

To see the different sample slides and animations of this template in action, see the video demo given below. The sample placeholders shown in this demo can be customized by adding text to them or by simply removing them from sample slides. Any images you may add to these slides will also play with the pre-rendered animations.

The Animated Spring Template works with both PowerPoint and Keynote. You can use this template with:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 (Windows)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (iPad and Mac)

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