The 20th Century Fox logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. You have probably seen the golden animation of the 20th or 21st Century Fox Studio before the start of a movie. You can incorporate this animation in your slides with custom text by using this animated spotlight PowerPoint template.

Create Your Version of the 20th Century Fox Animation

The title slide can be replaced with your custom animation by following instructions that come within the template. Simply go to the URL mentioned in the instructions and enter your custom text to generate a title slide.


Create your 20th century fox like logo

Generate Animation with Custom Text

Once you have entered your title text, you can save the animation as a PowerPoint file in PPTX format. Optionally, you can even generate an animation in a supported video format.

Generate custm animation with spotlights

The image below shows a version of the custom animation we generated. As you can see, this video animation for PowerPoint looks like the golden 20th Century Fox animation.


20th century fox like animation

Customizable Spotlight Slides with Animations

There are a number of layouts with spotlight animations revealing text. The sample text can be replaced by your own to create eye-catching slides which would be perfect for a featured presentation, for presentations related to media and movies or to announce names for winners of awards at award ceremonies.

Spotlight animation

You can also make use of the chart and SmartArt slides for making your custom diagrams or presenting statistical trends. There are more than a dozen diverse slides that you can make use of for making your slide deck. The most striking feature of the sample slides is the well-matched color tone and spotlight animations which perfectly reveal the added content.

Pie chart with spotlight animation

You can download versions of this template for PowerPoint and Keynote. We have also provided a link below for generating the standalone version of the 20th Century Fox style animation.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Feature Presentation PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Feature Presentation Custom Text Animation