A dark theme can help emphasize presentation content. Using a dark theme can be useful when you want to highlight your information, such as; data, dashboards, infographics and small blocks of text in slides. The Animated Space PowerPoint Template comes with a dark, space theme with various handy layouts.

Space Themed Background

The laptop image on the title slide is replaceable, while you can emphasize your title using the space background design. The following slide shows an astronaut, which is followed by a slide suitable for making more text heavy slides.


Animated Space PowerPoint Template with Dark Theme

Create Custom Diagrams with Replaceable Slide Objects

The various layouts in this template can be used for making timelines, comparisons, custom diagrams and infographics, etc. The slide objects are replaceable. You can edit out the images, objects and insert your own content according to need. The slides are also animated and load with pre-defined transitions and animations. You can preview all these in SlideShow mode in PowerPoint.

Animated Space PowerPoint Template

Icons Set with Various Symbols

The icons set at the end of the template gives a variety of adjustable icons that can be copied, resized and recolored. These icons can help you create a plethora of slide types with content that you can add captions to with these icons to create custom diagrams and infographics. You also can use these icons for your timelines, tables, charts and roadmaps.


Space Icons

This is a high-quality template which can be used with all kinds of projectors. It comes with a Standard and Widescreen version downloadable from the developer’s website.

Exploration Images

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