Sleek and stylish slide designs can help you highlight your presentation topic more effectively by making use of backgrounds that highlight your added content. The Animated Sleek PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media is a sleek and stylish presentation template which comes with a glossy blue background and general-purpose slide layouts to help you make your presentations look attractive with little effort.

sleek -design-powerpoint-template


Customize Slides According to Need

You can change anything from the default layouts to the color of the slides to match your needs. There are various ways by which you can change the default blue color. You can either use the Colors drop down via Variants menu in the Design tab or pick an element and recolor it using PowerPoint drawing tools.


You can even choose to change the shiny design to solid colors, while retaining parts of the sample layouts to create your own presentation layouts. We change the glossy design to a more flat design using this approach, as shown in the image below.



General-Purpose Slides

The sample PowerPoint slides in this template are general-purpose, so you can use them for any presentation topic. This also means that whether your presentation is about technology, business, sales, education, law, engineering, global warming, history or geography; this template can be used for highlighting your content with the visual aid of glossy slides.


There is also a sequence of slides which depict different comparisons style layouts which reduce point headers from six to five, four, three and so on, as you proceed to the next slide.


Glossy Slide Elements Clipart

There are also clipart slides which serve as a stencil library to help you pick and choose glossy slide elements for making your custom presentation layouts.


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