Corporate presentation templates usually have formal layouts, with a touch of vibrant colors to help presenters make their content attention grabbing. However, most of these templates come with very basic designs and limited sample slides. The Animated Simple Slants Corporate PowerPoint Template provides more than solid colors and basic layouts for making corporate presentations that can be attention grabbing and engaging.

Simple Slant Design PowerPoint Template

Introduce Your Team

After introducing your topic with an abstract slant design slide, you can introduce your team by adding images of your staff. This can be particularly a good idea if your presentation is a pitch deck, a project proposal or a call for investment.


Add Your Team Information

Create Charts and Timelines

There are not only content slides but ones with editable charts, timelines, comparison layouts and the like. You can use the various types of sample slides given in this template to design your presentation in such a way that it becomes easy for your audience to grasp and follow. The slides are clean looking, yet attention grabbing, with space for adding text and data in a manner that is easy for your audience to comprehend.

Add Charts to Show Trends

This timeline slide, for instance, can help you presentation project progress, roadmaps, and historical information in a clean looking layout. The design is such that you can make use of slim diagrammatic elements with minimum text to reveal important information or combine it with other free slide templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Create Slide Based Dashboards

There are also dashboard layouts in this template which enable adding multiple charts and relevant information within a single slide to make the most use of out of scarce slide space. Dashboard layouts can be particularly handy for summing up multiple sections of information or different types of data and findings within a single slide.

Using the given dashboard layouts, or by making your own using the sample slides, you can make it easy for your audience to grasp detailed information in the form of a summarized slide.

Create Dashboards

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