Roadmaps and timelines are widely used in project management. To design a roadmap or timeline, you can use readymade templates made specifically for this purpose. Templates like the Animated Road Timeline for PowerPoint can help you create a complete presentation with specifics of your project or timeline, as well as provide slides which can be used for inserting in existing presentations.

With editable slide objects, the opening slide depicts a road, GPS marker and text to get started with your presentation topic.


animated road timeline for powerpoint

Editable Markers and Roadmap Slides

There are GPS markers within slides that can be edited and moved according to need. The same goes for other content within the roadmap slides. This is a template that you can use for showcasing one or more project roadmap or timeline. There are neatly placed text boxes to help you explain your presentation slides.

roadmap timeline

With each slide you get the option to add a date and descriptive text to make it meaningful and easy to understand. You can expand the text to suit your needs. There are 10 slides that can be used for your presentation. You can also duplicate slides to extend your presentation or to stay with a specific timeline format throughout your presentation by picking one layout instead of the various others available.


project roadmap design

Roadmap and Chart Slide

Seldom do we come across layouts which can help depict both a roadmap and a chart. There is a slide in this template with an editable chart neatly placed alongside an editable roadmap.

roadmap with chart

Strategic Roadmaps

You can also use this template for creating strategic roadmaps regarding where the company stands and where it intends to go in accordance with its future goals and aspirations. The sample imagery within a few slides is replaceable or you can choose to stick with the sample photos if they match your topic.

strategic roadmap

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