If you want to add something special to your slides, you might want to add some rhythm. Shapes of Rhythym or the Animated Rhythm PowerPoint Template depicts illustrations which are meant to appear as the “shapes of rhythm”. The template uses shapes, images and graphics to give beautiful, abstract layouts which can help you make visually appealing presentations.

Shapes of Rhythm

The template has a central theme of visualizing rhythm in the form of slides, which seem to echo the vibrations of nature. The template has a unique backdrop, with birds, shapes and the open sky serving as symbolic visualizations for “rhythm”.


Animated Rhythm PowerPoint Template

Editable Diagram Slides

The template contains a set of animated and static slides. You can preview the animations in slideshow mode. These animations will also affect the content you add to slides. The placeholders given in the template, and the tooltips, act as a guide to help presenters add content to slides.

Replace Image

The customizable diagram layouts can be useful for creating custom diagrams and timelines. You can also create infographics and add data to reflect information that you intend to breakdown for your audience. there are also slides which can be used for adding charts and tables. One in particular gives a sample bar chart. Since objects are editable, they can be removed for making space for other types of content you might want to add to your slides.


Rhythm and Shapes

There are also slides which can be used for creating picture slides or adding large images. These can help you create slides where you might need to depict more imagery rather than adding a lot of text.

Your Rhythm

You can also pick from a variety of icons available in the template’s icon slide. These high-quality icons can be copied and used freely across slides.

Rhythm Icons

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