Among the various topics for which it’s hard to find a good template is radiology. If you’re a doctor, work in the healthcare industry, or need to create a presentation for academic reasons, you can use the Animated Radiology PowerPoint Template.

Radiology Illustrations

This PowerPoint template comes with animations related to radiology, including an illustration of an MRI machine. There is space for adding a title and main body text across all slides. The template has been designed in a way that enables end users to generate slides which can be moulded according to various topics associated with healthcare and radiology.


Animated Radiology PowerPoint Template

Create Timelines, Infographics, Comparisons and More

Whether you need to create infographics, timelines, need to generate a slide with health related information for a patient or wish to create a comparison slide, this template has the required layouts that can be used for the aforementioned and more.

Radiology Slide

The template provides various color-coded sections, which can be used to define certain activities and categories. You can also change these colors according to need by editing the shapes individually in PowerPoint. This also means that the template is easy to edit down to basic slide elements.


Radiology PowerPoint Template

Healthcare Related Clipart Images

There are also various clipart images of healthcare related symbols which can be quite handy for creating your own presentation slides. You can copy these clipart images and insert them in new slides or even existing sample slides. This can help you customize sample layouts and create new layouts according to need.

Doctor Infographic

Additionally, you can also insert your own charts and tables to present content according to your specific requirements. The slide layouts are flexible enough to accommodate new content and the existing content can also be easily replaced.

Hospital Scan

You can download this radiology themed slide deck in Standard or Widescreen orientation from the developer’s website.

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