If you need an animated PowerPoint quiz template for conducting interactive quizzes during Live presentations then Quiz Tabs is a great interactive template to go with. This interactive template gives readymade slides that can be used for making interactive quizzes in PowerPoint by simply adding text to the given text-boxes.



Create a Quiz by Adding Text to Text-Boxes

To create a quiz, simply add text to the given tabs by adding your question on top of the tab and the answer within the slider attached to it.


Click a Tab to Reveal the Answer

There are various interactive slides for making different types of quizzes, where each tab opens on mouse-click to reveal the answer. This makes it possible to quiz your audience, gather public opinion, and present the audience with new perspectives at the end of a Q&A session, as well as to play games during a Live presentation using trivia.



Create Different Types of Quizzes

Using the given layouts you can create True or False, Right or Wrong, Yes or No, multiple choice and other types of quizzes. There are 10 slides with various types of quiz related layouts. You can duplicate slides and content within slides to generate new types of quizzes and to increase the number of slides according to need.


Suitable for all Kinds of Events

This PowerPoint quiz template is not only suitable for making your official presentations more fun but can also be perfect for academic use, such as to quiz a class. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, this animated quiz PowerPoint template can help you create interesting presentations with the aid of easy to customize slides.

You can also use this template for corporate presentations, to give out prizes to participants for correct answers at a promotional event, for persuasive presentations to give out facts after asking general questions (which usually may result in stereotypical answers), etc.


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