Animated Infographic Diagrams PowerPoint Template contains layouts with editable sample diagrams to help create high-quality infographic diagrams. This PowerPoint diagram maker template comes with animated infographic diagrams with editable objects.

Create Infographic Diagrams

You can either use the sample slides as they are and merely enter text to generate new diagrams or re-arrange, recolor and even resize slide elements for making custom PowerPoint infographics.


Infographic diagram

Various Sample Layouts to Choose From

The template fashions various sample diagram layouts that you can use for making different types of diagrams; ranging from process diagrams to donut, pie and circle charts, sequential diagrams, number lists, comparison diagrams, etc.

Phase process diagram

Present Your Trends & Ideas with Interesting Layouts

The below image is a good example of the generic layouts that this template provides. These generic layouts can be handy in presenting ideas and trends by adding text to sample slides to present your own content. You can also complement your content with additional images and headings.


Infographic diagrams PowerPoint template

Charts for PowerPoint

The template also comes with editable carts which can help project trends using professionally crafted layouts which enable end users to not only display trends in the form of PowerPoint charts but also to display explanatory text with the right mix of space divided between the chart and text.

Pie chart infographic

Infographics Icon Pack

With this template you also get an infographics icon pack which can help you not only with the existing sample slides in this template but also for your custom diagrams which you might have created from scratch. The icons set provides icons related to technology, health, finance, business, travel, etc.


Just copy the icons from the icon set slide to use them across your presentation. You can also resize the icons according to need.

Infographics clipart

This infographic diagram maker presentation template is also available in widescreen edition.

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