Timelines and roadmaps are often closely associated with growth. Be it the progress of a project, increase in revenue for a business, or the passing of time; a timeline grows much like a vine. The Animated Plant Growth Timeline for PowerPoint presents animated timelines with the symbolism of a growing plant.

Animated Vine Timeline Slides

The vine themed timelines in this template come with animations that load slides by depicting the growth of the vine illustration within timeline slides. You can edit these sample slides, extend timelines by duplicating slides, and add additional supporting text to explain your timeline. There is sample text in each slide to make your job easy. With these vine timelines, you can quickly create a timeline with any narrative associated with progress or growth.


animated plant growth timeline for powerpoint

The green layouts of the slide can also help give a visually soothing effect, as well as keep your audience interested in the presentation. You will also find instructions in the template to edit the slide objects to make the best use of sample slides.

plant timeline for powerpoint

There are different growth themed illustrations in this template. You can also add your company logo and select individual elements to edit them according to need.


vine template for powerpoint

Present Data and Trends

The template also makes use of SmartArt and PowerPoint charts to make it easy for you to create charts, infographics, and comparisons. You can present data, forecasts, and analysis for various trends using these slides.

vine comparison slide

There are 9 slides in this template for making your timelines and to present data or trends in PowerPoint. These are followed by 10 additional slides with instructions and tips regarding how to edit the animated slides. You can also mix and match the content of this template with other slides or templates to use it for presenting your timeline. While using other designs for content slides about a project, business, or subtopic.

vine growth chart

This premium vine themed timeline template can help you create interesting slides with animations that depict growth, as you proceed with your slides. To preview and download the template, see the below link.

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