A PESTLE analysis is an external analysis to evaluate the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors for strategic analysis or for conducting market research. Formerly, a PEST analysis was more common, however, with the passage of time a PESTLE analysis was formed, adding two additional factors. The Animated PESTLE Analysis PowerPoint Template provides useful layouts to help create animated PESTLE analysis presentations.



Present Your PESTLE Analysis as Infographics

The slides in this template can be used for making infographics to present your PESTLE analysis. For example, the slide shown in the image below can help you present the severity of each factor by moving the slider to the right or left. You can also add a note next to each part of the analysis to highlight the key highlights related to each part of the PESTLE analysis in your findings.


Create Animated PESTLE Analysis Presentations

With this template you can easily present each part of your PESTLE analysis with the visual aid of flat design graphics and associated text-boxes tied to each of the 6 aspects of your analysis. This can help you create attractive slides, with a professional looking layout. Moreover, since the slides in this template are animated, your added content will be automatically presented in the form of animated PowerPoint slides when you run them as a slide show.



Easy to Customize Slides

While this is a template meant for making a PESTLE analysis, you can also change the letters of the slides to create a SLEPT, DESTEP or perhaps a STEER analysis. The slides are quite easy to edit, and almost all elements within slides can be edited as a separate object. This means you can easily create your own layouts with little editing.


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