If you work for a hospital or are running a facility that cares for patients, you might want to create a presentation about the complete range of facilities available at your premises. The Animated Patient Care PowerPoint Template gives a set of 17 slides with all the layouts, clipart and content slides that you could need for making such a presentation. You can also benefit from this template if you’re a student or medical professional looking to create a presentation about hospitals, patient care and medical services.

Hospital & Patient Care Related Presentation Template

You can begin your slides by using the title slide which depicts a hand holding a hospital, with a helicopter flying overhead and an ambulance on the road. To alter the default layout, you can also select individual objects and manage them according to need.


Animated Patient Care PowerPoint Template

Animated Hospital & Patient Themed Layouts

You can use the various diagram like slides to generate diagrams, infographics, and animated slides. The slides come with various animations which load slide content gradually. This can help you make your presentations more interesting. By default, adding content to the animated slides will load the slides in animated form, once you run the slides as a slideshow.

Patient Care

The slides depict various scenarios with patients and doctors interacting. You can use the text-boxes given within these slides to shape a narrative that best suits your subject. You can also recolor individual objects and add or remove elements within slides. Each object is placed individually within slides, making slides easy to customize.


Patient Profile

Medical Clipart for Customizing Slides

There is also a slide with clipart images related to medical science and hospitals. You can copy these images for customizing your slides and making them more attention grabbing.

Medical and Patient Clipart

You can preview the animated slides and download them via Presenter Media.

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